A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Entry for Ludum Dare #36, Theme: Ancient Technology

Engine: Unity


SPACE - Shoot your solar ray [Distance travelled dependant on charge time]
LEFT / RIGHT ARROW : Turn solar ray left / right
UP / DOWN ARROW: Move solar stone position up / down
ESC: Quit the game

The ancient aztecs discovered a way to charge up a solar stone with sunlight so they can defend their world from the demons and creatures coming from deep under their pyramids. Save their world (or gaining points until you die).


I'm just happy that I finally "finished" my first game for Ludum Dare and not giving up somewhere inbetween. It's not really polished and it's really missing some juice / animation and sound but with a dead internet connection over the weekend and all other stuff happening I'm just happy to participate:)

Feel free to comment bugs and feedback.



Solar.zip 9 MB
Solar_Mac.zip 11 MB

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